Zakat for Gaza and Shodaqoh for Musholla in Bandung, Indonesia

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb. IFA members,

“The level of violence in Palestine has escalated to a point not seen in years. Airstrikes have decimated entire sections within the Gaza Strip, and raids have been extended in various areas throughout the West Bank. And after a ground invasion began in Gaza, an already difficult humanitarian situation became even worse. More than 600 people have been killed, and over 3,200 have been injured.” (Islamic Relief)

“A musholla located in Bandung, Indonesia, used for daily prayers, daily Al-Quran clasess for kids and parents is in a bad form. Its roof is damaged, it lacks of rain protection, its wall is incomplete, and its wudhu facilities is in a really poor condition (see attached figures).” (Br. Averrouz Mostavan – an IFA member)

Those two places, Gaza and musholla in Bandung, need our help. Thus, IFA Ramadan Committee initiate a program for IFA members to generously donate their Zakat for Gaza and Shodaqoh for Musholla development in Indonesia. We receive Zakat only or Zakat and/or Shodaqoh, if it is not specified 60% from the donation will go to Gaza through Islamic Relief. The 40% of donation will go to a Musholla in Bandung which will be coordinated by Br. Averrouz, our IFA Ramadhan committee.

For those who want participate in this program, you can bring you donation (check/cash) on next Saturday, July 26 or contact IFA Ramadhan Committee as the following:
Mina Batubara: 469-274-4123
Jaffe Suardin: 281-460-4504
Hendra Wahyudi: 832-420-1909

Alternatively, you can also directly transfer your donation to IFA account as mentioned below.
Eddy Luhurbudi
Capital One Bank
No. Account: 00003628193435
Routing Number : 065000090

Please contact us if you have transferred your donation and let us know what type of donation you would like to give, i.e. Shodaqoh or Zakat.

Let’s race ahead each other to earn good deeds


IFA Ramadhan Committee 1435 H

Notes: Last week we already have collected shodaqoh jar from students and sucessfully received more than $1,000 shodaqoh. Parents also generously made donation resulting total donation to be more than $2,000. Allahu Akbar! This is a really good start and we should be proud of this.