Summary of donation to Gaza and Musholla in Bandung

Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb. all IFA members,

IFA Ramadhan Committee have collected donation from kids and parents. Below is the detail:
Shodaqoh jars from kids = $1,350
Donation from parents = $2,100
Total = $3,450
Donation for Gaza 60% from total donation is $2,070, plus additional donation $200. Thus, total donation is $2,270. The donation have been transferred through Islamic Relief.
Donation for Musholla in Bandung 40% from total donation is $1,380, with exchange rate Rp. 11.700/US$ = Rp. 11.146.000, plus extra donation Rp. 854.000. Thus, total donation is $17.000.000.The donation have been transferred to the coordinator Br. Averrouz Mostavan.
May Allah reward everyone who genereously donate their money with better and barakah wealth. Amin.

IFA Ramadhan Committee 1435H