Double-0 Agent

DSC_2238 His name is Rashid. I do not know his full name. All I know he lives in Katy area and he is about 3 years old now. As many other kids love do, he also likes jumping, screaming, running around, mimicking others and so on. Every Saturday, I see him at Masjid to follow his parents from one corner to another.  Little Rashid takes his parents for granted as his “live guideline” for every single movement he has.

Everyone of us is a role model for our children. Therefore, it is shameful when we “parents” pass down wrong value of Islam to our children. That makes even worst, when those children believe the wrong values as the correct one. Naudzubillah.

I am a teacher for my kids. Knowing my kids is on top of my priority list. And, I know those depend heavily to self-knowledge. When I do not know myself, how can I know who my children are? I will see them through a glass darkly, in the shadow of my unexamined life.

When I do not know them clearly, then obviously I cannot teach them well. As a results, I cannot know the subject – not at genuine level of embodied, personal meaning. What I will know is purely theoretical value, from a distance, a collection of concepts far away from personal truth.

Whatever self-knowledge we attain as teachers will serve our kids and our learning well.  Good teaching requires self-knowledge: it is a secret hidden in plain sight.

Rashid is not alone. There are many kiddos who have similar age and behavior like him. What can we expect from a 3 years kid when he/she is inside a Masjid? Rashid and his “gangster” may not know the importance of Masjid for Moslem. He may not know the courtesy or rule of being at Masjid. However, letting our kids running around inside masjid is definitely wrong decision, especially when there are others who seriously learn and require a comfy environment. When the children do not know on the subject, than it is Parent’s responsibility to let them know.  We, parents, know how it should be when we are inside Masjid. There are clear rule according to Hadist when we are in Masjid which we should follow. 

IMG_8781As community, it is our main task to guide younger generations to know Islamic values from early ages. It is our duty to introduce them Masjid since day one.  The challenges have started long time ago and now depends on us to handle it with care.

Congratulation to Ibu Fidya Gumilar for her new post as Coordinator Class 00 (Double-0) for kiddos under 5 years old who join IFA this semester. The program has been introduced in early 2011 and cannot work without support and participation from parents. We agree that our Saturday’s school is not a day care program. In the high level, we would like to see if our children will behave well not only inside Masjid but also anywhere they go.

Bismillahirrohmaanirrohiim, May Alloh ridlo, ease, and grant our children be a good Muslim and Muslimah. Aamiin. (Administrator)