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IFA Fun Walk – 26 Mar 2016

Following Survey and Observation, IFA Fun Walk for this month will be on Mar 26, 2016 @ Cullen Park.... Read More →

IFA Final Exam (5 & 12 Dec 2015)

IFA Final Exam will be held at Old Masjid on the 5th and 12th of December 2015. Breakfast will be... Read More →

Islamic Family Academy

It’s a FACT: Living in the US is by choice, no religious course taught in public school, time is required to balance our life.

Considering these facts, parents faces many challenges that come not only from societies (mostly neighborhood and public school) but also from internal family. Discipline and commitment shall come from parent to ensure family follow the right guideline according to Islam. In this essence, parent shall set as an example to children. IFA programs are designed for the entire member of family for growing together.

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The next generation will be passing it to the next-next generation, and so on, and so forth. Together we are building a history.

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HQA Open House

Untuk Bapak/Ibu yang berkeinginan untuk menyekolahkan anaknya di sekolah Islam, hari Minggu ini dari pukul 6:15 sampai 8:00 sore, Houston Quranic Academy (HQA) akan Open House. Di waktu yang sama Katy Islamic Academy Childcare juga akan Open House. Kedua fasilitas di atas berada di lingkungan Masjid MAS Katy Center di ... Read more →

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Double-0 Agent


His name is Rashid. I do not know his full name. All I know he lives in Katy area and he is about 3 years old now. As many other kids love do, he also likes jumping, screaming, running around, mimicking others and so on. Every Saturday, I... Read more →

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